Documentary visit at Mălăieşti, Prahova County

  The roman camp from Mălăieşti, Prahova County, is one of the strategic roman settlements form outside the Carpathian Arch, found close nearby the area that consists the field of interest of the “Roman Border in Eastern Dacia Province” project. Thus, this camp stands as a very good means of comparison for similar sites found in South-eastern Transylvania. During a documentary visit Alexandru Popa had a good opportunity to get accustomed to the archaeological diggings from this camp. The archaeological researches are conducted by phd. Ovidiu Ţentea, leader of the National Museum of Romanian History team that works in collaboration with the Prahova County Museum. Besides exchanging information and opinions regarding the state of the researches currently conducted in similar roman camps in Romania, the specialists conducted soil diagnose activities at the camp from Mălăieşti. Magnetometric measurements were taken at a series of outstanding sectors of the camp and its baths. The results thus obtained were considered to be satisfactory and represent a good starting point for a future collaboration.