Visiting the roman camp from Comălău (Reci commune, Covasna County)

Sunday, 20th October 2013, Alexandru Popa guided a group of specialists from the Republic of Moldova and Romania at the archaeological camp at Comălău (Reci commune, Covasna County). The specialists of the two countries participate at a professional training session in the field of project management for immovable cultural heritage. The training session takes place between 14th – 25th October 2013 and is financially supported by the Administration of the Romanian National Cultural Fund. The project represents a combined effort of the National Museum of Eastern Carpathians (Sf. Gheorghe), the Centre for Professional Training in Culture (Bucharest) and the State University of the Republic of Moldova (Chișinău). Following the proposal of Alexandru Popa, the archaeological site from Comălău was selected as a study case among all other heritage sites approached in the project. The main aspects related to the existence of the Comălău camp and the civilian settlement next to it, were presented during the field trip. We also presented and discussed the results of the non-invasive researches conducted at Comălău as part of „The Roman Border in eastern Dacia Province” project. The field trip was an opportunity for the participants to get to know the main issues related to the management of archaeological heritage sites in the area of the Eastern Carpathians. Following this field trip, the participants were to make project proposals related to the archaeological site at Comălău, in the fields of research, preservation and promotion.