Scientific presentation

On 21st October 2013 we organised a scientific presentation of the most recent researches in the roman camp at Brețcu, as part of „The Roman Border in eastern Dacia Province” project. Thus, Alexandru Popa was invited to present the results of his field investigations in front of the participants at the professional training session in the field of project management for immovable cultural heritage. The training session, organized by the National Museum of Eastern Carpathians, the Centre for Professional Training in Culture and the State University of the Republic of Moldavia, takes place in between 14th – 25th October 2013. The session is financially supported by the Administration of the Romanian National Cultural Fund (Bucharest). Alexandru Popa focused the attention of his guests upon the non-invasive and little invasive research methods he uses as part of the CNCS project he currently coordinates. His presentation was highly appreciated by the participants, leading to many questions related especially to the phosphate mapping method as part of archaeological field research.