The „Vasile Pârvan” national symposium at Bacău

On the 3rd - 4th October 2013 the project director participated at the works of the „Vasile Pârvan” national symposium at Bacău. The symposium was organized by the Bacău County Museum. Alexandru Popa held a presentation about the roman imports east of Roman Province Dacia. Placing the starting point on the line of the eastern Carpathian Mountains he discussed the routes, directions and conditions of how Dacian goods were distributed over the Carpathians. His visit at Bacău consisted in a summarized documentation upon the archaeological discoveries belonging to the roman province Dacia, preserved today in the storage and the exhibition of the Bacău County Museum. As a result of the conversations with fellow researchers from Bacău, we decided that it is highly important to draw up a collaboration regarding archaeological researches of roman time settlements on both sides of the Eastern Carpathians, covering Covasna and Bacău Counties.