Archaeological research sustaining the protection of archaeological sites

During the research activities conducted at “The Roman camp from Comălău”, Reci commune, the project director dr. habil Alexandru Popa took notice to the Covasna County Cultural Direction of destruction traces and unauthorized diggings at the archaeological site. As a result of his intimation, he visited the site together with Dr. Bartok Botond, the director of the Culture Direction and Dr. Zsigmond-Lóránd Bordi, head-counselor in the same institution. Following a thorough inspection, all the damages were documented. The project members and the representatives of the Culture Direction met the mayor of Reci Commune , Mr. Dálnoki Lajos, presenting him with the situation and the collected evidence. Through these actions and activities the members of the project try to bring their contribution to the state’s policies regarding the protection of archaeological heritage in south-east Transylvania.