“The history lesson in a non-formal context”

Project director Dr. habil. Alexandru Popa visited “Ady Endre” Secondary School from Sf. Gheorghe, on the 24th November 2014, in the context of a partnership between the School and the National Museum of Eastern Carpathians. The visit took place during the Week of Permanent Education (the 15th edition of “Your Opportunity National Festival”) and consisted of a specific lecture for 8th grade pupils. The presentation called “The Eastern Border of Roman Dacia in light of the new interdisciplinary results” included information about the history of Roman Province Dacia, the main aspects of the ongoing research project, the methods applied and its expected results. The main focus was set on describing the use of modern technologies in the field research of the roman limes from south-east Transylvania. Together with the multimedia presentation, Alexandru Popa also brought the pupils’ and teachers’ attention upon a set of 13 plates (80x120 cm each) on the same theme, that will remain exhibited in the school for a short period. At the end of the lecture each pupil received a questionnaire that was meant to facilitate the understanding and learning of new information and concepts about the Roman Limes in Transylvania.
Verifying the way the questionnaires were solved and also giving grades to the pupils is a responsibility that falls in the hands of professor Constanța Balog, who invited us to have this non-formal lecture and coordinated the activity on behalf of the School.