Release given by the Project Director

  According to the no. 3449MD/26.03.2013 Ministerial Decree regarding the repartition of the budgetary credits for year 2013 granted for the programmes part of the National Research Plan – Development and Innovation 2007 – 2013, the budget granted for the „IDEI” Programme – Exploratory Research Projects 2011 Competition was considerably reduced. Thus the budget granted for year 2013 for the PN-II-ID PCE-2011-3-0652 project, called „ Die römische Grenze im Osten der Provinz Dakien” (The Roman Border of Eastern Dacia Provence) that I direct was diminished as well. As a result the project was granted only 45% of the initially planned financial resources. The remaining percent of the initial contracted amount will be transferred in the following year (2014). The activities for years 2013 and 1014 will be thus updated accordingly. This cutting down of the funding for year 2013 means laying off two specialized researchers, postponing the purchase of the equipment planned for this year, and, obviously, not being able to comply with the collaboration contracts signed with different partners from Romania and from abroad, as well as the decrease of the competitive level of the project's results on an international scale. The leadership of the project and that of the National Museum of Eastern Carpathians searches for solutions to minimize these negative outcomes caused by the decrease of the funding granted for the project.

Sfântu Gheorghe, 9th April 2013

  Alexandru Popa