The closing symposium of the BSUDRA Project

The director of the project dr. habil. Alexandru Popa, took part at the closing symposium of the European Project „Black Sea Unity and Diversity in the Roman Antiquity (BSUDRA)” held at Beşiktaş (Istanbul) between the 30th of September and the 2nd of October 2015.
Being the last meeting of this important project, the symposium contributed significantly to setting up a network of international cooperation in the field of historical and archaeological researches regarding the roman age in the Black Sea Basin. In this context dr. habil. Alexandru Popa presented his work called „ Quo vadis after BSUDRA? …” asking himself and the audience this rhetoric question and trying to present his own vision upon the perspectives of the researches regarding roman-barbarian relations north- and north-west of Pontus Euxinus. The eastern Limes of roman Dacia, as a connecting bridge on east-west direction, was one of the issues with research perspectives for the near future.