Public lesson for pupils

  Dr. Alexandru Popa held a presentation for the 8th grade pupils from the „Mihai Viteazul” National College (CNMV), Sf. Gheorghe, called „The eastern border of Roman Dacia in the light of the new interdisciplinary discoveries”, as part of the „History lessons” project coordinated by Dr. Dan Buzea (MNCR) and prof. Constanța Balog (CNMV). During this special history class the researcher presented not only information regarding the history of Province Dacia but also the most important aspects of the project that is currently on-going, about the applied methods and the expected results. The highlight laid on describing the use of modern technologies in archaeological field research of the Roman Limes in south-eastern Transylvania. At the end of the presentation the pupils were given the chance to ask questions that the researcher answered. The „History lesson” ended with discussing the possibility of collaboration between the history teachers form CNMV and the National Museum of Eastern Carpathians.