A possible roman find in the Aninoasa village area, Covasna County

  Dr. Dan Buzea pointed out an area with archaeological traces found between Boroșneu Mare and Aninoasa villages, where a roman find could lay underground. This point is found at about 2 km south-west of the Roman Camp from Boroșneu Mare. Since the site lays at a considerable height compared to its surroundings, it had a good visibility of all the region, in all directions: towards the Pârâul Negru Depression, up to the Oituz gorge, along the Olt River, up to the Olteni Roman Camp area.
The archaeological diagnosis carried out together with Dr. Dan Buzea (Sf. Gheorghe) and Björn Briewig (Berlin) shows mild man-made unevenness of the earth. No archaeological materials were found at the surface. A magnetometric research was carried out in order to verify the nature, and if possible, the origin of the uneven surface areas. The research covered an area of 2200 m². The identified geomagnetic anomalies show there could have been a roman signalling tower located in this point, as a component of the Roman Limes in the area.