International Congres

  The 19th European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) Annual Meeting will take place on the 4th – 8th of September 2013.
Dr. Alexandru Popa will participate with a communication called „About ways and forms of Roman-Barbarian interactions in light of Roman provincial „Imports” from east of the roman Province Dacia”.

In this presentation the author intends to analyze some aspects of the relations between the Roman Empire and non-roman populations. The discussed territory is the region between the Carpathian Mountains and Dnjestr River that was inhabited during the existence of the Roman province Dacia by various non-roman populations, among them the well known Dacians and Sarmathians. The dynamic of the development of these groups was influenced by various social and political factors, including numerous interactions with the Roman Empire. As a result, numerous Roman products arrived to Barbarian territories. Some of these artifacts (as for e.g. weapons, metal and ceramic vessels, coins, etc.) were even reproduced in the Barbarian workshops. We have proofs that confirm the existence of glass craftsmen, which produced glass vessels or mason craftsmen, which reproduced Roman stone buildings far from the Roman boundaries. Based on archaeological artifacts and written sources we now have the opportunity to reconstruct the evolution in time and space of the economic and political and military interactions between the Roman Empire and its Barbarian neighbors.