Romanian The Roman Border Eastern of Dacia Provence

In terms of research methodology, the project endorses history investigations on Roman borders. It is based on interweaving the Provincial-Roman archaeology, geophysics and pedology methods which can be combined to define the historical dimension of Roman Castra and other parts of the "limes area".

The research will be based on our predecessors' archaeological sources, geophysical and soil data, written archive documents and excavation results. All these source categories are to be separately analysed and evaluated, corroborating only the results. Within all these various research sources, the main role of the investigation lies on archaeological sources. The main challenges of the research project are related to space and time dynamics of the Roman border in the eastern part of the Carpathian basin. The informative basis is to be constructed for this purpose, documenting, as well as possible, all the Roman age antiquities which could have been part of the "limes/border area".

Following this goal, pieces of information concerning Roman age findings are to be extracted from specialised literature, archives and other public sources. All data obtained in such manner will be combined with the present ground situation. These discovery sites are to be subject of multidisciplinary archaeological, geophysical and pedological/geochemical investigations.